Happy Summer New Content/Live Performances

hello everyone 

I hope all of you have been staying safe, healthy and sane. I know you have plenty of content in this world but I wanted to send some links to material I have been independently producing using Instagram Live during this most unique year. 

I have been meeting with musicians I collaborate with once a week to provide a live stream via something I am calling the "FT Driveway Series" 

I am also doing a series of Conversations with folks I have come across in my work with the music industry. I am calling that "Folks In Orbit" 

below are links to what I have posted thus far. If you feel so inspired to donate for content I'm including in this email it would go a long way, but obviously only if you are in a position to do so. 

If you would like to sign up for a personalized update on these two projects I'm suggesting a $50-$100 Donation. I will email or text you personally based on your preference with updated links to these projects as new content becomes available weekly. To sign up for that please donate $50 minimum with FT + your phone # or email address where you'd like updates to go in the notes section of the payment. Folks that donate $100 or more can request songs on future livestreams plus shout outs or dedications to themselves or loved ones. *All requests must be Fleeting Trance original songs. 

via Venmo: @Manasseh-Bernal 

or Paypal: Fleetingtrance@gmail.com 

Below is a whole lot of samples of the content that has already come. Enjoy and be well. 



p.s. I have submitted a new single called "Churning" for release on all the major platforms. I'm not exactly sure when it will be available but it should be any day now. The best way to know when it comes out is to subscribe to fleeting trance content via spotify or youtube. 



FT Driveway Series 


6/21/20 w/ Roger Rocha, Daren Wilkerson & Jesse Micek 


6/13/20 w/ Jesse Micek & Ross Travers 


6/5/20 w/ Jesse Micek & Roger Rocha 

*recorded on Roger’s Porch 


5/30/20 w/ Roger Rocha & Jesse Micek 


5/23/20 w/ Brandon Martinez & Jesse Micek 


Folks In Orbit 


Jethro Jeremiah 6/18/20 

(Jethro Jeremiah Band & Soul Ska) 


Stephen Bradley 6/16/20 

(No Doubt & Steel Pulse) 


Sean Sharp 6/15/20 

( Stymie & The PJLO & Soul Ska) 


JJ Schultz 5/29/20 

(JJ Schultz, HotelUtah.org, Pandora) 


Oona Garthwaite 5/28/20 

(Oona Ruin) 


Chris Von Sneidern 5/26/20 

(Chris Von Sneidern & Hyde Street Studio) 


Mikiko Sasaki 5/25/20 (part 2) 

(Filmmaker & Great Sasuke documentary) 


Mikiko Sasaki 5/19/20 (part 1) 

(Filmmaker & Great Sasuke documentary) 


Roger Rocha 5/18/20 

(The Golden Hearts) 


To download the track "Are We Alone" for free, go to https://fleetingtrance.com/dl and enter the code 3q5t-wg78

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