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latest news

Happy Summer New Content/Live Performances 

hello everyone 

I hope all of you have been staying safe, healthy and sane. I know you have plenty of content in this world but I wanted to send some links to material I have been independently producing using Instagram Live during this most unique year. 

I have been meeting with musicians I collaborate with once a week to provide a live stream via something I am calling the "FT Driveway Series" 

I am also doing a series of Conversations with folks I have come across in my work with the music industry. I am calling that "Folks In Orbit" 

below are links to what I have posted thus far. If you feel so inspired to donate for content I'm including in this email it would go a long way, but obviously only if you are in a position to do so. 

If you would like to sign up for a personalized update on these two projects I'm suggesting a $50-$100 Donation. I will email or text you personally based on your preference with updated links to these projects as new content becomes available weekly. To sign up for that please donate $50 minimum with FT + your phone # or email address where you'd like updates to go in the notes section of the payment. Folks that donate $100 or more can request songs on future livestreams plus shout outs or dedications to themselves or loved ones. *All requests must be Fleeting Trance original songs. 

via Venmo: @Manasseh-Bernal 

or Paypal: 

Below is a whole lot of samples of the content that has already come. Enjoy and be well. 



p.s. I have submitted a new single called "Churning" for release on all the major platforms. I'm not exactly sure when it will be available but it should be any day now. The best way to know when it comes out is to subscribe to fleeting trance content via spotify or youtube. 

FT Driveway Series 


6/21/20 w/ Roger Rocha, Daren Wilkerson & Jesse Micek 

6/13/20 w/ Jesse Micek & Ross Travers 

6/5/20 w/ Jesse Micek & Roger Rocha 

*recorded on Roger’s Porch 

5/30/20 w/ Roger Rocha & Jesse Micek 

5/23/20 w/ Brandon Martinez & Jesse Micek 

Folks In Orbit 


Jethro Jeremiah 6/18/20 

(Jethro Jeremiah Band & Soul Ska) 

Stephen Bradley 6/16/20 

(No Doubt & Steel Pulse) 

Sean Sharp 6/15/20 

( Stymie & The PJLO & Soul Ska) 

JJ Schultz 5/29/20 

(JJ Schultz,, Pandora) 

Oona Garthwaite 5/28/20 

(Oona Ruin) 

Chris Von Sneidern 5/26/20 

(Chris Von Sneidern & Hyde Street Studio) 

Mikiko Sasaki 5/25/20 (part 2) 

(Filmmaker & Great Sasuke documentary) 

Mikiko Sasaki 5/19/20 (part 1) 

(Filmmaker & Great Sasuke documentary) 

Roger Rocha 5/18/20 

(The Golden Hearts) 

To download the track "Are We Alone" for free, go to and enter the code 3q5t-wg78

There's so much of this world that I find fascinating 

There’s so much of this world that I find fascinating.

Amongst them is the songwriting of Eileen Torrez & Jeremy Serwer. Come see these songwriting gems, plus myself perform short acoustic sets this evening Monday, July 29th at El Lopo 1327 Polk Street in San Francisco as week 17 of the El Lopo Songwriters Series presents another no cover Monday night of music. 









thanks to all who came by 

thanks to all who came by to hear us The UPTOWN before/during/after the raconteurs show Fox Oakland.

It was a pleasure and especially nice to see Todd Shipley, &Jenny Rawson 2 sweet music lovers whom I haven't seen in a long while. Chris Fisher even stopped in briefly on his way to see his pal off to NYC!

Special hanks to Art McConnell for stepping in on drums for the night.

The new album "Mr. Manny & The Blackouts" is available for download in all the usual outlets. check out the new and improved Fleeting Trance website that Bridget Canfield has been pouring her various talents into!

Let me say that I realize music is everywhere but it truly makes a difference to me when you take the time to buy a song/album/ or just make a contribution. I'm infinitely grateful to the folks who have purchased music in the last month and beyond going backward and forward. I'm nowhere near done improving the quality.

3 days I’ll be round again Oakland 

3 days I’ll be round again Oakland

6-8pm Elaine Cole 

From singing with Allen Thompson, Todd Snider, and Elizabeth Cooke, to starting her own band with Bradley Rosen (The Stone Hollers) in Portland, Oregon, Elaine has followed her passion of delving into the Americana. Elaine released her first solo original effort, "Wait For Rain EP" in August 2017. She has recently released her first single, "BLAME IT ON THE ROSES" with the help of some sessions friends in her hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. This single has taken shape as a bonus track on the rerelease of "Wait For Rain". OUT NOW! The single has since received rave reviews, as well as various spots on Spotify Playlists, and was even featured on Alternative Root's Magazine Top Ten in Americana. Recently, Elaine was named The Deli Magazine's July 2019 Artist of the Month. 

9-11pm Mr. Manny & the Blackouts 

Songwriter Manny Bernal of Fleeting Trance. Manny performs with The BlackOuts. 


Thank you! - #donthatecreate 

Thank you Ray Price for helping me out by purchasing a few FT albums from the catalog! I appreciate you Ray!! I know I have a long road but I’m doing my best here to talk about FT recordings for those interested in what I do, in hopes of raising the funds I need to meet some intense financial obligations.

I assure you I have radical projects in the works to create a space not only for my creations, but also to create a platform for the talented folks in this community I am so lucky to share space and time with.

I’m blessed to count one of these talents, Bridget Canfield as a friend, she’s been supportive and kind and helped inspire and evolve the way I think and interact with others through my music and otherwise. I can never repay your kindness Bridget, but I strive to reflect its kindness on the world.

Please take a look at the brand new Fleeting Trance website Bridget created which catalogs my music and other ways you can help contribute.

My goal is simple I want to make more music that’s better than the previous music I’ve made and inspire myself and others to create vs hate.

Here’s an album I released that pulls 2 songs from each of my first 4 albums. If I could do it over again I would never release those albums, because I’m so critical of them and myself in so many ways. However it’s a good thing I can’t take them back because they have created the opportunity to make more music, meet great people, and improve upon the ideas. If you’d like to check out this particular album and purchase, the best link to do it is here. I simply call it FT.

Thanks for taking the time to read #donthatecreate


FT (2013)
8 songs
31 minutes


Thank you Amber & Colin 

thanks to Amber Ferriman & Colin Ricard for their purchases yesterday! I'm doing my best to raise some much needed funds and this goes a long way! I hate to ask for help and I'm not looking for a handout. This is only for those interested in my music, I'm offering more info on where they can purchase to most directly help me out.

I want to share a bit about this remake my second attempt at recording "Core Us" was done with some engineering help from Jeremy D'Antonio of San Geronimo fame. I brought Steve Bradley, Danny Eisenberg, and Bart Davenport in to add parts and I think we made a real gem of a recording here. All people on my long list of folks I'd like to collaborate with. I've been fortunate to work multiple times with all of these talented local musicians and hope to work with them again soon.

Here's a link to the tune. It's 99 cents and I assure you you'll get your money back in enjoyment. enjoy the album it's on entitled "Hurry Up & Wait" if you'd like to buy the whole album. We recorded it live at Expressions in Emeryville and did some additional overdubs and mixing at Magnolia Studios in Novato in 2012/2013.

This song is catchy and people seem to like it live. I hope you enjoy.


Surprise visit to Hayward, California 

Fleeting Trance surprise visit to Hayward tomorrow Thursday 6/27/19 In the electric format 8pm-10:30pm playing songs from the “Mr. Manny & The Blackouts” album. The Bistro 1001 B Street in Hayweird, Ca







p.s. I have submitted a new single called "Churning" for release on all the major platforms. I'm not exactly sure when it will be available but it should be any day now. The best way to know when it comes out is to subscribe to fleeting trance content via spotify or youtube.



  • Manasseh Bernal (solo acoustic)
  • Fleeting Trance (band)
  • Mr. Manny & The BlackOuts (band)
  • Host of the weekly Monday night Singer-songwriter Series @El Lopo, San Francisco, California
  • Guitarist with the Shark Alley Hobos