Thank you Amber & Colin

thanks to Amber Ferriman & Colin Ricard for their purchases yesterday! I'm doing my best to raise some much needed funds and this goes a long way! I hate to ask for help and I'm not looking for a handout. This is only for those interested in my music, I'm offering more info on where they can purchase to most directly help me out.

I want to share a bit about this remake my second attempt at recording "Core Us" was done with some engineering help from Jeremy D'Antonio of San Geronimo fame. I brought Steve Bradley, Danny Eisenberg, and Bart Davenport in to add parts and I think we made a real gem of a recording here. All people on my long list of folks I'd like to collaborate with. I've been fortunate to work multiple times with all of these talented local musicians and hope to work with them again soon.

Here's a link to the tune. It's 99 cents and I assure you you'll get your money back in enjoyment. enjoy the album it's on entitled "Hurry Up & Wait" if you'd like to buy the whole album. We recorded it live at Expressions in Emeryville and did some additional overdubs and mixing at Magnolia Studios in Novato in 2012/2013.

This song is catchy and people seem to like it live. I hope you enjoy.


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