Last night was a spiritual success

Last night was a spiritual Success, financially Bankrupt..better than Spiritually bankrupt, but still honing the skill to at least break even.

Learning to tune out excuses I hear from others and myself, and own the sentiment that I/we can do better.

So on to the next thing.

Playing with Wine + Shark Alley Hobos + Food Truck = Urbano this evening. thanks again to gifted stars I'm privileged to be in orbit with you for a short while through space and time. 

Carley Carpenter, Jessie Bridges, Eileen Torrez, Chris von Sneidern, Jeremy Serwer, Linda Moody, Graham Norwood, Oona Garthwaite. Thanks to the great and powerful Mikiko Sasaki! John Howard (my longtime collaborator, botherist, and friend) I'm so impressed but not surprised by the fine work you did on the backdrop for our stage.

If you missed the show you did just that, I don't know what else to say.

Thanks to@Nancy Fisher Roger Rocha &@Rebecca Roman for your constant support of my efforts. My heart is full and my pockets empty, but pockets can't be found on animals in the wild, only hearts.

I'll be back The UPTOWN Tuesday, July 23rd in bar area for free full band electric show. If you are going to Raconteurs that evening at Fox Oakland stop in before or after for a drink.

Love, M

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