Dec. 16, 2018Shark Alley Hobos 12/16 free show w/ Chuck Prophet

Manny joins the Shark Alley Hobos Sunday, December 16th at Sweetwater Music Hall in mill valley for a free show noon-3pm to celebrate Che Prassad’s 50th. Chuck Prophet also plays an acoustic set.

Nov. 10, 2018Listen to FT on KALX Radio Live Performance you can hear wherever you are

11pm this evening tune in

Jun. 26, 2018Manasseh playing Drums w/ The TownGhost

Tuesday, June 26th
Manasseh will perform as drummer w/ The Townghost
@ The Uptown NightClub in Oakland

Jul. 06, 2017KFOG DJ No Name Interviews FT @ One Bad Apple Record Store

here's a link to content we did for KFOG
ENJOY and we will see you round ;)

Mar. 29, 2017KFOG radio & Fleeting Trance team up

Fleeting Trance will be filmed playing a few of their tunes (unplugged and acoustic) at One Bad Apple record store in Castro Valley. They will be interviewed and talk records with DJ No Name. We will let you know when and where to find the finished product.

Feb. 14, 2017Manasseh join Shark Alley hobos 2/25 & 3/16

Manasseh will be joining The Shark Alley Hobos for a show
At the Fireside Lounge in Alameda on Saturday, February 25
& at Forbidden Island in Alameda on Thursday, March 16th.
Thanks to all who came to our show at Sweetwater Music Hall
In January!

Oct. 22, 2015new recording available

Mikie Lee Prasad - Guitar & Backing Vocals
John Howard - Pedal Steel & Backing Vocals
Craig Koozer - Bass
Tony Sales - Drums
Danny Eisenberg - Piano/Organ
Roger Rocha - Backing Vocals
Jessie Bridges - Backing Vocals
Manasseh Bernal - Guitar & Vocals & Harmonica

recorded at Expressions Center For New Media in Emeryville, Ca
Mixed at Wally Sound in Oakland, Ca
Mastered by Ken Lee in Oakland, Ca

Jan. 26, 2015New Album out

The 5th full length release from Fleeting Trance is available
at the link below
you have liner notes for the album
an opportunity to hear entire song before paying

Sep. 23, 2014Pigs in The Park single

you can now purchase the single Pigs in The Park here. Guest work by Ryan Beebe, Mark Carabello, & Bart Davenport

Aug. 22, 2014New single available for purchase!

features: some help from talented Californians :) Bart Davenport, Klaus Flouride, Danny Eisenberg & Jessie Bridges

May. 04, 2014yet another new recording to preview

Jul. 16, 2013New songs to preview before they go on sale

2 songs with entirley different feels "Guesses In The Wind" & "Pigs In The Park" can be listened to here for now & will be available for purchase by August. Enjoy

Jun. 19, 2013New single on i-tunes

enjoy our new single "Next to Fall" w/ guest appearances by Bart Davenport & Ryan Beebe

Jun. 02, 2013New Single out for purchase "next to fall" featuring Bart Davenport & Ryan Beebe

this track is a very fun listen we hope you will enjoy it and share it with your friends

Jan. 18, 2013New single out on i-tunes (sneak peak of new album)

this track features guest spots by great bay area local talent:
Bart Davenport (The loved ones/The Kinetics/ Honeycut)
Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys)
Steve Bradley (No Doubt)

please check it out for a measly 99 cents it's yours to own and wear out ;)

Dec. 08, 2012Recording songs this weekend w/ Prairie Prince, Tony Sales & Klaus Flouride

FT is working this weekend @ Magnolia Records with some musical greats & excited about slowly releasing tracks throughout the new year. Working with Prairie Prince for the first time and excited to get his take on some songs....Prairie has worked with musical giants such as Todd Rundgren, John Fogerty, George Harrison, The Tubes, Chuck Prophet & name a few. He will pair up with Klaus Flouride for the first time ever....What a rhythm section!

Nov. 23, 2012New Single !

listen in on the progress of the new album to be released in 2013: )
this track features some bay area greats...Klaus Flouride, Steve Bradley, Bart Davenport, Daren Nelson & Jeremy D'Antonio. We are continuing to track & mix songs in Novato @ Magnolia Records. Happy Holidays!

Sep. 02, 2012working away in studio w/ Bart Davenport recently

Bart Davenport stopped into Magnolia Records to lend a hand recently to some FT Songs in the works. We are Currently working w/ Jeremy D'Antonio (Tiny Television) on a handful of songs. So far guests such as Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys), Roger Rocha (4non blondes/goldenhearts), Stephen Bradley (No Doubt), & many other local talents have lent a hand to this process. We are really fortunate and excited to be working on this project. No release date yet announced, we are taking our time to make a really great sounding record.

Jun. 18, 2012Work in Studio Continues

working in studio w/ Jeremy D'Antonio of Tiny Television and various other characters of the bay area music community....There is no end in sight but it sure is fun. if you email and ask nicely I may send ya something of a sneak peak free via email ;)

Apr. 13, 2012Fleeting Trance in Studio April through May

howdy folks it's a wonderful treat that we recently had Klaus Flouride of the Dead Kennedys sit in on bass for a 4 song session, which included re-recording Oh My, Core Us, Simple Plan, & Sometimes Awareness...really looking forward to putting these tracks out....Also we will be recording more all through May. Nothing to be released anytime soon...but hey we have plenty of music out there already for you to check out....I'm sure you can find us on i-tunes, etc. We believe in your brain power! Thanks to all who have been buying our music online, it's a huge blessing to us...Thank You x infinite!

Nov. 19, 2011Fleeting Trance heading back into Studio!

Fleeting Trance will be in studio in December recording 6-7 new songs. Currently they are mixing 12 new songs as well, so a new album is bound to come out soon. Stay tuned for details.

Jul. 15, 2011latest album "4" available for download on i-tunes

there are 4 FT albums to choose from on i-tunes now! Go shopping!!

Jun. 22, 2011Fourth CD entitled "4" available for presale click order link

The fourth Fleeting Trance CD entitled "4" has been sent out to print it's first 100 copies. If you'd like to pre-order it you can do so by clicking on the the order link on our website. All pre-orders will be filled on July 8th. The newest CD will be included on i-tunes in mid to late July or early August.

Jan. 04, 2011all 3 fleeting trance albums available on i-tunes

you can buy the c.d. via mailing order or you can also buy them on i-tunes
I suggest both :)
Meanwhile Fleeting Trance is in the studio working on songs in March joining the process is Mr. Ryan Beebe (Dead Hensons/Gomorrans/Bitter Honeys)

Dec. 13, 2010New Years Eve Set

opening for Foreign Cinema on New Years Evening 8:30-10:30pm

Nov. 01, 2010Featured This Week

Admired producer / musician / friend Yonatan Elkayam featuring Manasseh Bernal on his website this week. Check in once a day for more info.

Jul. 12, 2010New F.T. c.d. in the works

We are feverishly working to get a new c.d out by December 2010.
The newest c.d. is titled "Charm" and contains 17 new tracks.
In the mean time I have posted three new songs on our myspace page.

Jun. 29, 2010Manasseh plays solo @ Brainwash Cafe in San Francisco

you can see Manasseh perform solo acoustic @ 7:30pm

May. 21, 2010Back in the studio

thanks to everyone who came out to the Cafe Du Nord show
we had such a great time playing music for you all. We are starting another batch of songs tonight in the studio. Check out our Show tomorrow night @ House Of Shields in San Francisco

Apr. 22, 2010May 19th Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco

Please save the date and join us to celebrate JJ Schultz & Manasseh's Birthday at The Cafe Du Nord

Apr. 04, 2010Henderson, Nevada Show added

check the upcoming shows for details

Mar. 24, 2010Fleeting Trance in Los Angeles Saturday, April 24th

more details TBA very soon

Mar. 15, 2010side project JJ schultz Band featuring members of Fleeting Trance

Sunday, March 21st
Early Matinee show @ 3pm
w/ EL Zakador
JJ Schultz Band

Mar. 03, 2010Manasseh Playing Guitar For My Beemish Boy

Friday, March 12th Manasseh will be playing Guitar for My Beemish Boy @ The Li Po Lounge in China Town San Francisco, Ca

Feb. 24, 2010* Side Project "Reverend Jimmy & The Heavenly Knockers"

Check out James Whiton's project "Reverend Jimmy & The Heavenly Knockers" * featuring Scott Robertson, Robert Johnson, Manasseh Bernal & James Whiton Friday, February 26th in San Francisco @ The Connecticut Yankee

Feb. 22, 2010Manasseh playing guitar for My Beemish Boy 2-23-10

Manasseh will be playing guitar joining one of his favorite bluegrass americana combos My Beemish Boy for a show from 7-8pm at Caffe Trieste 1667 Market Street in San Francisco

Feb. 09, 2010Buy the New self titled C.D. by Fleeting Trance

the new c.d. contains 17 tracks and is available now here via pay pal

Feb. 03, 2010Catch the JJ Schultz Band in action this Evening @ the Hotel Utah

JJ schultz Band
JJ Schultz - guitar & vocals
Scott Robertson - guitar & backing vocals
Jeff Cotton - guitar & backing vocals
Craig Koozer - bass
Manasseh - drums

Jan. 28, 2010East Bay Express on "17"

17 (self-released)

Named for the number of tracks, 17 is classic folksy, bluesy Americana. What listeners might not expect is the occasional reggae influences that show up on some songs. The addition of reggae is a nice touch, and it fits well with the band's overall sound. Lyrics are entertainingly messed up.

East Bay Express

Jan. 22, 2010Heading Back into Studio this evening

Fleeting Trance head into the studio this evening to start work on a new unnamed c.d. which will be due out in the fall of 2010. In the meantime their latest self titled C.D. is out & can be purchased via the website or at an upcoming show. Their Debut release "17" was mentioned this Week in the East Bay Express music section under Local Licks.
you can find the mention by clicking on the related link below

Jan. 14, 2010The New Self Titled C.D. Available for Purchase now


Jan. 09, 2010WOW Thanks : )

I really appreciate all who came to our C.D. Release show. We had a great time with you all.

Jan. 08, 2010C.D. Release Party Tonight in San Francisco

hope to see ya there : )

Dec. 18, 2009You can now buy our debut c.d "17" by mailorder on our website!

I'm very pleased to announce that you can now buy our debut c.d. "17" on our website and soon we will have the self titled follow up c.d. "Fleeting Trance" on our website as well.

Dec. 16, 2009Playing Goorin Brothers on Upper Haight Street Thursday 12-17-09 3pm-6pm

Manasseh (acoustic guitar)
Roy Elder (upright Bass)
Stephen Bradley (trumpet)

Dec. 09, 2009Please donate or buy a c.d.

need your help to get through the holidays and on to our c.d. release show
January 8th in San Francisco. Please buy our debut c.d. 17, or please donate to support our musical efforts. Any amount will help a great deal.

Nov. 30, 2009Thanks for supporting us this year!

I wanted to send my gratitude to all the folks who have supported our efforts over the last year and beyond. We are excited about 2010 and hope to release a couple new c.d.s in the coming year as well as recording more songs. We need your help to keep things independent and free spirited. If you can afford to donate any amount please go to the contribution/order link on our page. Any donation no matter how small or big helps and goes directly back into making more music. Thanks! Love, Manasseh

Nov. 16, 2009Fleeting Trance ~ Webcast this evening 11-16-09 Stork Club Saturday 11--21-09‏

hello folks
here is a link where you can see Fleeting Trance perform this evening @ about 9:30pm. We will be playing an hour set and being filmed and it will be sent over the web live at this link

beyond that we are really excited about our show @ the Stork Club on Saturday
below is all the info....* please note "the actors" will not be playing instead the opening act will now be the Cola Wars.
we go on 2nd around 10pm.

Fleeting Trance @ Stork Club
Saturday November 21, 2009 at 8:00pm
Stork Club Oakland

2330 Telegraph Avenue @ West Grand
San Francisco Bay Area, California 94612 Get Directions
W/ Life in 24 Frames

Fight From Above

Fleeting Trance

Cola Wars

Ticket Info: $7

also we have had lots of help on both our myspace page and our home page website
thanks to Bridget Canfield
please check out the remodel of our pages and say hello : )

take care,

Nov. 05, 2009Fleeting Trance ~ Saturday, November 21st‏

Hello Everyone,
I wanted to give you advance notice about the next Fleeting Trance show
please mark on your calendar and come out and say hello.

Saturday, November 21st
The Stork Club, 2330 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California
21+ w/ ID, Admission: $7

* this is a great show for those folks who don't go out on weekdays and never usually stay up past midnight. Brett I'm looking in your direction.
You can see Fleeting Trance locally right here in Oaktown Booty on a Saturday evening @ around 9pm. what a deal huh?

also the other bands we are playing with are no slouches either
I checked out all their music and it's pretty damn good.
I especially like the video Fight From Above has going right now
check it out here -

here are the other bands on the bill for this evening:

Life in 24 Frames (Sacramento)

Fight From Above (Los Angeles)

The Cola Wars (Oakland)

if you'd like to hear Fleeting Trance music online

for Fleeting Trance videos click on this link:

Fleeting Trance released a very limited run of their debut C.D. entitled "17" only 200 copies were made. We are down to our last 9 copies. You can pick up the c.d at this show only at this point. * sidenote that few should care about. If you have obtained a copy without Fleeting Trance printed on the spine of the CD you have one of the first 100 released.

We are currently working on releasing our 2nd CD tentatively due out January 8th 2010. more details to follow

thanks for your time
; )

Nov. 03, 200912:49am

Thought I'd take some time to write in here and say hello. Last night played with James Whiton and Steve Munger for the new Goorin Brother's Hat store in upper haight. I scored a great hat, they have awesome stuff you should look at their website. I'm hoping to make my way to Vegas soon and visit Mr. Ed and Martina Powell to the people, and maybe play a show. I'll keep you posted on that. I'm also hoping to get back to Los Angeles again soon. Right now I plan to go to bed. Please check us in Oakland Nov. 21st if you have the evening free. Love, Manasseh

Sep. 11, 200911:20am

Hey it's been awhile since I used this feature of the site. I have been keeping pretty busy as of late with one thing or another. I'd like to thank everyone who has been coming out to see my band play and those who have been so supportive of my musical efforts. The world keeps trucking along and in my attempt to keep up I'm thinking I may release another c.d. here in the coming months. Mastering is being done on a few tracks that I think came out pretty nicely. I'll keep you all posted about how that all unfolds. I've been checking out a bunch of good music as well as playing some here and there. I can't tell you how impressed I am with the volume of talent in these other human beings around me. Come by and say hello sometime. Love, Manasseh

Aug. 06, 2009Fleeting Trance ~ San Rafael this evening + review of debut C.D. 17‏

Wonderful show this evening @
The Fourth Street Tavern
located @ 711 Fourth street
San Rafael, Ca

Manasseh Bernal will be playing as a duo w/ friend and bass player extraordinaire, Mr. James Whiton

the show starts @ 9pm
21+ w/ ID

The debut C.D. "17" by Fleeting Trance was reviewed by Performer Magazine
check out the link if you so wish to see what they had to say about it.
You can buy the C.D at upcoming Fleeting Trance shows
click here to read the review

upcoming for Fleeting Trance
please save the date
September 5th @ The Makeout Room in San Francisco, Ca

take care lovers

May. 26, 200911:13am

thanks to everyone who came to see our C.D. release @ Cafe Du Nord on my birthday : ) What a good time! It's finally done, and I've been getting some good feedback from you all, so thank you very much. I will be playing a slew of shows where these c.d.s will be available, in various formations. Please take a look at the upcoming shows page and make it out to whatever you can. Lots of Love, Manasseh

May. 13, 20097:31pm

hey everyone : ) today I recieved 100 copies of our debut c.d. in the mail. The c.d is entitled 17 and I believe it came out pretty damn good. As of today it's only available for purchase at our shows. I will be sure to let those on our mailing list know when it is available via mail order, or stores. Thanks everyone for your kindness and support. Love, Manasseh

Feb. 18, 20096:46p

Wow its been super hectic and busy, but in a very good way. I am an uncle this year for the first time, I also am finally getting back on track with my musical endeavors, so that is very nice. We played Los Angeles again over the weekend and had a great time. The trip back however was a little long since the grapevine was snowed in and closed. We all made it back in one piece though. I'm excited about this Friday's show because I haven't met the folks in these two bands we are playing with, but I enjoy the music. We will be at the el rio in San Francisco, and the show is going to be so much fun. Please check the upcoming shows page for details and swing through if you can make it. Infinite Love, Manasseh

Jan. 28, 20096:26pm

It's been somewhat busy and fun as of late. We had a great time in Los Angeles, so much that we are going back in the middle of February. JJ schultz has a few shows in February so check the news page for that. Last Stop Records has a great showcase this Saturday night. Please come down to some of these great shows going on in February, it should be a wonderful time. Lots of Love to the folks that have shown us so much love and support and just made our lives a whole lot more enjoyable. Lots of Love & Luck to you in this year. Manasseh