"Always evolving, their sound changes from moment to moment, from elegant and smooth to sloppy and chaotic. Lyrics to the group's original songs tend to be thoughtful and philosophical without being too weighty. They're simple inquiries into the intricacies of day-to-day life."

Deb Winters
The Independent 8/7/01

"Fleeting Trance is not just a band, they do also have a refreshing amount of raw wit, which can manifest itself on stage in ways that might actually draw you to the dance floor"

Brandon Sheaffer
The Mammoth Times 9/13/01

"A great bunch of instrumentalists...leap(ing) from one style to another between songs. First some building stoner/droner spacerock and then a total 180 into a few peppy indie pop numbers--real honest-to-pete indie pop with happy melodies and bright lyricism. Then an unexpected detour into'70's reggae...a great show."

D.J. Mystery Guest
KUSF 90.3 FM 1/2/01

"The up and coming Fleeting Trance finished the night by effortlessly alternating upbeat reggae and suave R and B. Their slick single “Berry Haze" was soulful enough to prompt tangible dancing in the audience.
Front man, Manasseh's refreshingly unpretentious and striking vocals set fluidly against the noticeably experienced musicians. This made for one hell of a finish to an already great show."

West Coast Performer 4/6/2002

"Named for the number of tracks, 17 is classic folksy, bluesy americana. What listeners might not expect is the occasional reggae influences that show up on some songs. The addition of reggae is a nice touch, and fits well with the band's overall sound. Lyrics are entertainly messed up."

Kirsty Evans East Bay Express 1/20/2010

Fleeting Trance @theBistro,Hayward 29july2010

"Fleeting Trance returned to its "birthplace" in Hayward for a performance at the Bistro in Hayward on Thurday evening, 29 July 2010.

They easily filled four hours with their original material, with Manny Bernal, guitarist and lead vocalist, being to blame for most (if not all) of the compositions. (That "blame" is tongue-in-check. The songs have plenty of integral merit.) It seemed like they did not come close to exhausting the material they could have performed.

Manny was kind enough to answer some interview questions, and the nature and mission of the band is presented below in his own words, as received from him by email.

Fleeting Trance Q&A

Hey thanks Randy for taking the time to make a story out of us...here are the q's and a's

1.) Furthest extents touring -

We've toured the Northwest a bunch, been as far as St. Cloud Minnesota a couple of times.
Toured all over Arizona, and once played in Honolulu. I think it's been mainly a California tour at this point.
I'd like to hit up Austin, Memphis, New Orleans and New York at some point.

2.) Favorite Clubs to play in:

I enjoy The Makeout Room & Cafe Du Nord is great. One of my favorite places I recall playing in the past was Sam Bonds Garage in Eugene.

3.) Contemporary bands you know and like:

The last vinyl I bought was a guy out of Los Angeles called Farmer Dave Scher. I really enjoy a guy named Cass Mccombs as of late. These guys have been a round awhile but I love Sonic Youth, & Wilco.

4.) Everybody's names spelled right -

Manasseh Bernal (me),

Craig Koozer (bass),

Daren Wilkerson (drums),

Scott Robertson (Guitar),

John Howard (pedal/lap Steel)

5.) new kids on the block or backstreet boys?

New Kids

6.) Fiddle Or Mandolin?

both please

7.) When did the band form?

I don't think it will ever be fully formed, I'm the constant equation and if I'm lucky some of the same folks can make it out to join me. I have a pretty consistent cast of characters and substitutes for those who can't make it on any given night.

8.) How do you develop your original material?

I really have no clue about how or why this happens, but I'm pretty sure I just enjoy playing music and I let it lead me toward melodies and rhythms I enjoy and then it's just add words and water occasionally.

9.) Do you do any covers?

Yes, but not many. I have covered Bob Dylan's Mama You've been on My Mind, John Denver's Country Road, Fiest's 1234, The Vaseline's Molly's Lips, and probably a handful of others but those are the first that come to mind. Fiest being the most modern song I've covered.

10.) Why fleeting? why trance?

I wanted to put opposites together because life is such a horrible contradiction and so that's sorta what I came up with on the fly. The project is my goal to marry music styles that I love that aren't supposed to be found together in the same room. I think some people assume Fleeting Trance is a D.J. that can score them ecstasy as a result."

By Stephen Carnefix - Examiner.com 8/4/10

Fleeting Trance
Oakland, CA

“Entertaining exploration and appreciation of styles"
On their third effort, Fleeting Trance explores Americana, folk, punk and reggae. Experimental without ever being predictable, it’s this collage of elements that drives the album and forever keeps the listener guessing. The standout track, “Wine and Beer," is particularly nostalgic and emotive. It is reminiscent of Ryan Adams and the Cardinals and the New England-based Session Americana, complete with sing-a-long “na, na, na’s": “I had all questions answered when you called me a bloody bastard. You think I’m just a fool… So drink wine, I’ll drink beer, and one thing will stay perfectly clear. No matter what I say or do, it’s over now for me and you."

A sensual swagger is present in “Core Us," complete with saxophone and backing vocals, while “Sometimes Awareness" is firmly rooted in funk. It’s contemplative with philosophical themes yet manages to maintain a straightforward approach. Audiences of any generation can relate without guesswork: “Kids with machine guns… Are they doing what they feel? Are they doing what they think they should? I’m walking through the graveyard of Americans." Above all, Charm is indicative of versatility and is very much a testament to Manasseh Bernal’s growth as an artist. (Last Stop Records)

Recorded at Expressions Center for New Media // Mastered by Phil Void and Alex James Muscat // Produced by Amir Fassad, Manasseh and the Transient Society of Dreamers and Believers

-Julia R. DeStefano (West Coast Performer)